The welfare department is a section in the church which takes care of the members as well as visitors.

Responsibilities of the department:

The welfare department is charged with the task of organising seminars and retreats and other social activities.

When a couple enters the sanctity of marriage, the welfare department presents a gift to the couple on behalf of the ministry

When a member of the church gives birth, the welfare department pays a visit to the member and present gifts of baby items as gesture of love and joy for the family.

If a member of the church loses his or her close relative the welfare department pays a visit to the bereaved family to console and give support on behalf of the church.

The general welfare of members of Living Word Outreach Ministries is of great concern to the church, and in a situation where a member is destitute through hospitalisation, loss of property or any social mishap the welfare department provides support to bring some relief to them.